Blocks and Bricks Plot Sentences

A. Reporting Sentences

Mary says (THAT) SHE IS BUSY. Mary says (THAT) SHE WAS BUSY. Mary said (THAT) SHE HAD BEEN BUSY the day before. Peter told me (THAT) HE WAS GOING TO MARRY HER.
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B. Sentence Connectors

I haven’t talked to my adviser yet. THEREFORE, my plans are still indefinite. I will finish this course FIRST. THEN, I am going to study business administration. Business administration requires economics. It requires mathematics. IN OTHER WORDS, it is a complex subject.
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C. ING-Action Object

PRACTICING daily speeds up the learning process. WALKING to the library, I met Prof. Helen Risk. HAVING HAD breakfast, I left my place for school. Open Blue Book

Sentences String Out Stories

1. The Settlement of North America 3. Can Those Who Create Problems Fix Them?
(Professor Helen Risk’s Lecture)
2. Government and Politics 4. Review Questions
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