Student Commandments

1. Practice daily – whenever it suits you! Five minutes every day does the job better than five hours in a single day of the week.

2. Practice loudly whenever you can. 

3. Don’t miss any opportunity to speak English. Speak to anyone: your girl/boyfriend, your hubby or your wife, your parents, friends, neighbors, cyber friends – and, yourself.

4. Take advantage of WEB social network services to communicate with people all around the world. Take part in on-line discussion forums; practice English by making friendships. Enrich yourself – a friendship more makes you a more valuable person.

5. Use the Internet to listen to radio stations that broadcast in English from any place in the world.

6. Watch global TV networks that broadcast in English.

7. Watch movies subtitles off. If not able to understand everything, watch the movie again with the English subtitle on.

8. Try to figure out messages hidden within verses of your favorite songs.

9. Read! Everything you come across – articles on WEB, classic English literature, obituary columns, cooking instructions – just everything.

10. Never forget the legacy of English language is the application of all sorts of phrases (idioms). The more you use them “the more English” your English gets.

In a word: practice as
much as you can,
whenever you can,
wherever you can,
however you can, with
anyone you can.

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