El Dorado

Welcome to the World of Object Oriented English


 Anyone interested in teaching or learning English can take advantage of the material presented in Red, Green or Blue Book sitting at the desktop or accessing mobile devices – so, from now on, Object Oriented English is at your disposal 24/7/365 wherever you are.

This place is El Dorado for English teachers but also for the learners of English language. Why? All relevant syntax patterns are presented and associated with numerous exercises designed to make students able to adopt them by practicing orally.

Homework assignments are given in the form of quizzes if you enter the classroom. The classroom proved to be indispensable as for practicing spelling, polishing pronunciation and reinforcing skills adopted during oral practicing.  Concerning quizzes, since they are packed into ‘Flash’ files, the place at your desktop will secure high productive and smooth practicing.

For keeping the trace of your activities you have to register to OOELA-LMS. For more information click on ‘Registration’ menu item.

The registration also qualifies students for winning one of the valuable Galileo certificates:

Red – Beginning Level

Green – Intermediate level

Blue – Advanced level

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