Lesson XXV


Blocks and Bricks Plot Sentences

A. Conditional Statements – Part II

If you SHOULD buy that car, I WOULD help you about the legal papers. HAD the board APPROVED the project, WE’VE GOT results already.
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B. Object-Hungry & Selfish Actions

Marcia likes to LISTEN TO his Chinese accent. I’m LISTENING.
The price HAS RISEN by 20%. We HAD RAISED the wall before they came.
She HAS LAID the table. I was LYING in the sofa when she popped in.
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C. Negative Questions

ISN’T the professor busy today? Open Blue Book

D. Attachments

The professor is busy, ISN’T HE? Open Blue Book

Sentences String Out Stories

1. Comunications 3. Review Questions
2. Campus  
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