Lesson VII

Blocks and Bricks Plot Sentences

A. Request Statements

PLEASE, OPEN the door.
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B. Suggestions & Ideas

LET’S REPEAT the examples.
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C. Strong Plural Object Forms (>1-OF)

The MEN ARE tired. THE PEOPLE ARE hungry. THE NEWS IS good. Open Red Book

D. ONE Versus IT

Did you buy A BOOK yesterday? No, I’m going to buy ONE tomorrow.
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ONE bicycle stopped on Main Street. ANOTHER ONE stopped on Liberty Street.
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F. Pro-Objects in the Receiving Block Position

I visited HIM yesterday.
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Sentences String Out Stories

1. Review Dialog 6. The Living Room
2. MAKE & DO 7. The Bedroom
3. Daily Activities 8. Summary Dialoque
4. Evening Activities 9. Review questions
5. Family Relationships
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