Lesson XXVIII: Vocabulary in Context

Exercise: 2.6.1. Answer the Following Questions 1. Is the real politics created at the president’s office? 2. What kind of changes does the politic of U.S. usually undergo in time? 3. What seems to be the sole purpose of the political system in the United States? 4. How is the unelected power establishment labeled? 5. Is bipartisan system rare in the American policy today? 6. What kind of financial support do the subjects of the American political life enjoy? 7. What is going to be a challenging task? 3. Can Those Who Create Problems Fix Them? Prof. Risk: So the answer to the mother of all questions "Can those who created problems fix them?" is, definitely, negative. Situation: Having delivered the answer to the mother of all questions, Professor Helen Risk concludes the lecture on the issue of globalization. The audience is on foot cheering the presenter eagerly. The professor waves her hand as if she has something to say. The audience comes down to silence. Prof. Risk: Thank you. Thank you. Please remain where you are for I invite you to grill me hard with your sharp observations. Anything to ask about the subject? Chen: Who has endorsed those who create problems, I mean the world oligarchy you call elites, to act as the saviors of humanity? Prof. Risk: That’s the catch: no-one. They appointed themselves to be in charge of the future of humankind. Chen: How are they planning to save the world? Prof. Risk: The way they always do. That is by promoting social-economic models they design time and again in order to accommodate their needs; the models, later, to be imposed elsewhere. Chen: But, Professor, those models seem to have already proved ineffective. Presently, the peoples of the world are questioning their very existence feverishly looking for a clue of a sustainable development. Prof. Risk: Definitely. One needs not to be an expert to realize that the ongoing economic model based on everlasting growth had to end in a complete failure. Chen: Would you come up with a word more about it, please? Prof. Risk: The benchmark for ranking countries as for the quality of their economies was, and still is, the measure of economic growth: the higher growth - the healthier economy. The growth is expressed in a number of units or quantity of any good produced. The outcome is the eternal promotion of energy consumption. To maintain everlasting economic growth, it is necessary to keep producers going on by producing more and more. Producers can only sustain if the production is profitable. Profitability, on the other hand, requires demand and a precondition for high demand is ever- increasing population. Therefore, actual economic model, apart from relying on scarce natural resources and promoting degradation of the environment, also welcomes population growth - the most serious challenge humanity has ever faced. →