Lesson XV: Implicite Comparisons

A. Comparisons A.1. Implicit Comparisons: Objects & Actions A.1.1. Similarity Previous pattern: My coat is BROWN. Your coat is BROWN. Situation: My coat is brown. Your coat is brown. New pattern: MSB Property Block / Actional Block … Expression of Similarity Referent Object My coat is LIKE yours. John looks LIKE his father. He works LIKE a horse. Exercise: A.1.1.1. Practice Similarity Express similarity with LIKE. For example: John's coat is similar to Paul's . JOHN'S COAT IS LIKE PAUL'S . Donald's sneakers look almost the same as Paul's. DONALD'S SNEAKERS LOOK LIKE PAUL'S. Mary's house is almost the same as John's . MARY'S HOUSE IS LIKE JOHN'S . 1. Nam is very similar to his father. 2. Sergey's eyes are almost the same as his mother's. 3. John looks similar to his brother. 4. Mr. Saito works very hard and a horse does too. 5. Paul eats a lot and an elephant does too. 6. Mary eats very little and a bird does too.